Photos of Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls from Above

Uhuru Falls

Uhuru Falls


Shoebill Stork

Shoebill Stork at the Delta

Alert Lioness

Alert Lioness

Snack bar

Is this the snack bar?

Lioness with Kob

Maybe we'll just snuggle...


Never mind.

Feeding Giraffe

Feeding Giraffe



Boat to the Falls

Boat ride to base of Murchison Falls

The old bridge support

Sitting on the old bridge support

Rainbow at Murchison Falls

Rainbow at the top of Murchison Falls

Crocodile at Nyamsika Cliffs

Crocodile at Nyamsika Cliffs

Base of Murchison Falls

Base of Murchison Falls



Queen Elizabeth National Park

The crater drive

On the Crater Drive in Queen Elizabeth NP

Hippo Mouth

Hippo Mouth

Hippo photo by Charles Steinberg

Lion Tracks

Lion Tracks

Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains from Queen Elizabeth NP

Camping at Mweya

Camping at Mweya

Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

Lake Mburu National Park

Lake Mburu Landscape

Lake Mburu Landscape


Leopard in Lake Mburu National Park

Leopard photo by Charles Steinberg

Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburu

Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburu National Park

Zebra, LMNP

Zebra, Lake Mburu NP

Northern Uganda/Kidepo Valley NP

Nile River near Arra

Nile River near Arra Fishing Lodge

Mt. Otzii

Mt. Otzi near Sudan border

Moonrise on the Nile

Moonrise on the Nile

Village in Dufile Fort

Village in Dufile Fort site

Dufile landing

Dufile Landing on Nile

Approaching Kidepo

Approaching Kidepo Valley NP

Sunrise in Kidepo

Sunrise in Kidepo Valley NP

Kidepo Lion

Kidepo Lion

Kidepo Elephant

The queue for the loo

Kidepo Buffalo

Kidepo BuffaloKidepo Valley

Landscape in Pader

Landscape in Pader

Sipi Falls/Mt. Elgon National Park

Sipi Falls

View from behind Sipi Falls

Sipi from Distance

Sipi Falls

Sipi behind

Sipi Falls

Sipi from front

Sipi Falls

Mt. Elgon

Mt. Elgon


Uganda kids

Ugandan kids

Astral alignment

The Alignment




8 responses

23 11 2010

this is the nice place to look at some places.

13 10 2010
Tracy Murphy-Dewar

Hi Mark,
Just happened across your site/blog when browsing. My husband moved to Kampala a week ago, we are to join him in due course so I was searching for pics of the country…… LOVE your photos.

Thanks for sharing!

14 10 2010
Mark Jordahl

Thanks, Tracy! Feel free to get in touch when you get to town (0775 295 126). You are going to love Uganda!

1 10 2010

excellent work, I can see you been to more corners of Uganda than most ugandans have ever tried in their entire life spans.

keep up the good positive work… will try and keep up with your adventures.

4 10 2010
Mark Jordahl

Thanks! This is a beautiful, fascinating country, so I have tried to make a point of seeing as much of it as possible. Thanks for reading!


30 08 2010
Ben Wheeler

Beautiful photos. Keep them coming. Visual intelligence trumps all, although your fine blog postings make a good case for literary intelligence. Love, from uncle ben.

12 08 2010
Nancy Fraser

Oh Beautiful Uganda I fell in love with you and I want to return, I will someday.

9 08 2010
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