Mark Jordahl

Mark Jordahl

I am a writer, naturalist, educator and trip leader living in Kampala, Uganda. I live by the words “May your path go ever forward but never straight.” The twists and turns of my life have taken me through many interests and many corners of the globe.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Buddhist Studies and a Master’s Degree in Conservation Education, which really aren’t as different as you might think.

I have lived as a sea kayaking guide in Alaska, a wanderer in India, an electrician in Colorado and even held a desk job or two along the way.

I taught Natural History and Ecology of the Pacific Northwest as adjunct faculty at University of Washington, through the graduate program in Education, Environment and Community at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island. While at IslandWood I also taught field-based environmental education to kids of all ages and facilitated corporate retreats for Boeing, Starbucks, DLR Group, and many others.

My main focus now is on writing, and through this blog I hope to make people think.  I try to take the issues that pop up in Uganda and put a slightly different twist on them.  If you have been reading my posts, I hope I have made you a bit uncomfortable at times.

If you need a writer for a project, or if you just want to get in touch, feel free to contact me at mark@conservationconcepts.net.


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10 12 2010

To contextualize, I was referring to Uganda and NOT any other part of the world.

10 12 2010

Mark, great to meet you over this medium. I love Uganda and hope you do to. What do you think is the remedy to the institutionalized corruption that was born, bread and groomed a couple of decades ago and maturing?

10 12 2010
Mark Jordahl

I think it will happen when Ugandans really decide they aren’t willing to put up with it. In the States, many poor people vote in ways that benefit the rich to their own detriment, because they hope that someday they will be rich and will benefit from those policies. I think it is the same way here. Nobody wants to stop corruption because they hope that someday they may be on the receiving end rather than the losing end. It is frustrating, though. Uganda is NOT a poor country – there is a lot of money here, and this place could be an absolute paradise if more of the money was used to develop the country. It is not going to be an easy transition, though. The people in power are not going to give up the feeding trough easily.


21 11 2010

hi,i wanna know about rid alahdha

21 11 2010

h,i want to know about eid aladha

9 08 2010
Nancy Fraser

Hi Mark, from our beautiful state of Washington I appreciate the work you do and just want to follow what is happening. Peace, Sista Nancy Fraser


10 08 2010
Mark Jordahl

Thanks, Nancy! Great to hear from you.

Mark D. Jordahl Conservation Concepts 256 775 295 126 Blog: https://conserveuganda.wordpress.com Website: http://www.ConservationConcepts.net

9 02 2010

Please send me your email contact to follow up on your comments about my eTN reports.
Thank you

25 01 2010
Richard Louv

Mark, I very much liked your current post, and would like to get in touch with you. I’m working on what I call my Alleged New Book, and facing a deadline. But would appreciate interviewing you via email.


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