New Domain for Wild Thoughts!

13 01 2011

New Site

With growth comes change.  Wild Thoughts from Uganda has reached two milestones – it just passed 15,000 hits today, and the 18th of January will be its one-year birthday.  This seems like a perfect time to make some changes.

I feel good about its growth, and want it to keep growing, so I am switching to a different platform that will give me more flexibility to develop the site the way I want it to be over time.

But I don’t want you to be left behind!

I will be setting up a redirect tomorrow that “should” forward all links to the new site.  I am hoping this will work for subscriptions, too.  The reality, however, is that things don’t always work exactly as they should.  If you have an e-mail subscription to Wild Thoughts from Uganda, it is possible that you will need to go directly to the new site and subscribe again.  You can be expecting a new post from the new site in the next couple of days.  If you don’t get one e-mailed to you by the end of the day Monday, it probably means the redirect didn’t work for subscriptions.  You can go to and sign up again.

If you aren’t signed up by e-mail yet, now’s a great time to do that!  Each e-mail you receive comes with a link to unsubscribe, so you always have the option of bailing out if I annoy you.

I really hope you like the new look, and I really hope this change doesn’t make Wild Thoughts drop off the face of the ePlanet.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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