Creative Approach to Saving Paper

15 12 2010

You know those people who just have to print out every e-mail they get, and every document that gets forwarded to them?  I have frequently found myself thinking hard about whether or not to include somebody on an e-mail with an attachment because I know they will print it out, even if they’ll never look at it again.  Entire forests get needlessly cut down for these people.

Well, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) has come up with a solution.  They have developed a PDF-type format that can’t be printed out.  That’s right – if you send a party announcement, memo or other document to these folks, you can first save it as a WWF document and know that you have not been an accomplice to the early demise of a Douglas fir or western hemlock tree.

Will it catch on?  Who knows, but at least it is creative, and anyone who downloads the free software will probably give some though to whether they want to send their documents as PDFs or WWFs.

So far it is only available for Mac operating systems, but a Windows version should be coming soon.

For more information, go to Save as WWF, Save a Tree

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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