Progressive Dictatorship Better for Uganda than Sham Democracy – The Independent

3 11 2010

This is a fascinating article to read as Uganda enters it’s campaign season.  I agree with Joseph Ossiya’s sentiments here – that often Western donors require the trappings of democracy from countries that might be better off with a different system of government.  Democracy has become a religion to us, rather than a political ideology, and we promote it as the ultimate goal.  We would rather see a country suffer under democracy than thrive under some other system.

In the words of Ossiya:

Any government on the donor payroll has to wear the garb of democracy – elections. Elections in Uganda do not establish popular mandate as the basis for the formation of government. They do not even seek to align political tenure with the will of the people. Our elections are essentially entry-level exams set by the donor community for bogus governments to qualify to receive international recognition in the beggars’ lounge. The pass marks are invariably very low and accepted as such as long as the situation does not conflict with the interests of the donor community which is primarily to maintain the global trade and resource extraction supremacy.

This is a very thoughtful article that should stimulate some serious debate:

Progressive dictatorship better for Uganda than sham democracy.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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3 11 2010

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