Response by Invisible Children

27 10 2010

Here is a response I received from John Beaton, the Texas, East Coast, and Middle America Assistant Regional Manager for Invisible Children after my earlier post.  It sounds like they have made some commitments to take action in their next tour season to ensure that reporters get accurate information for stories about their events:

Hey Mark,

I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. One of the five “pillars” of Invisible Children is that “We love a good idea.” And while we have sent press releases in the past, for the majority of our screenings, we have expected journalists to portray the information we portray accurately, or to do the research themselves. As you have pointed out, and much to our annoyance, as well. Many local papers gets some basic facts wrong.

So, I went and talked to a couple of other people within the organization and we are going to put together a “fact list” / generic press release to give to all the people who host screenings beginning next tour. The instructions will be to make sure anyone, from school newspaper to national media sees this fact list if they want to do a story about the screening or the cause etc.

In short, thank you for the good idea, Mark!


Thank you to Invisible Children for quick action on this.  I look forward to seeing accurate information about Uganda in future stories!

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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16 11 2010
What’s the Deal with Invisible Children? « Wild Thoughts from Uganda

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27 10 2010
John Beaton


We have done that and continue to do that. Our latest film, Tony, is coming out this Spring. Check out the trailer here if you are interested:

We have made about 10 films focusing on different aspects of this issue. Again, the issue is not the video, as if an out of date one is shown the Roadies correct it from stage. The issue was local newspapers writing articles with incorrect information.

All the best,

27 10 2010
torkin wakefield

Why can’t Invisible Children send another video group to Uganda to make an up to date video about the children and how they were affected by the war. To continue to send a misleading video around the country is the problem.
T. Wakefield

27 10 2010

T. Wakefield,

Invisible Children have made 8 documentaries since the original movie, ‘The Rough Cut’, and show these documentaries to audiences across the country on the national tours. If IC representatives show ‘The Rough Cut’, it is always followed up with an update video- bringing the audience up to speed with the current situation of the conflict, and this is followed by representatives reiterating the point again. Regardless, the atrocities shown in ‘The Rough Cut’ were a reality for many years, and it is my opinion that is is certainly not misleading to awaken people to these realities, past or present.

I also just received an email from Invisible Children with a trailer for their newest documentary, ‘Tony’, which will be shown on their next national tour –


27 10 2010

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