Wild Thoughts Ranked a “Top Uganda Blog” by Go!Overseas

23 10 2010

Wild Thoughts from Uganda was recently selected as a “Top Uganda Blog” by Go!Overseas, a site that proviTop Blog Ugandades information about living, working and volunteering around the world.

The website has links to some other great expat blogs from Uganda, so go check it out.

Even more interesting are the many great blogs written by Ugandans.  There is an incredibly vibrant blogging scene here in Kampala, with people writing about everything you can imagine.  You can find out about many of these by checking out Afrigator (maybe by giving the site a plug here, I’ll actually register on their radar finally!).

Happy Reading.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




4 responses

23 10 2010
Chuck Lennox

Congrats – always nice to get recognition…and on this scale!


23 10 2010
Cheryl F

Congratulations and ditto what Saba said! Thank you for your “wild thoughts” that keep everyone informed!

23 10 2010

Congratulations. You are on our radar for sure.

23 10 2010

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