Signs of Uganda #3

8 09 2010

I’m about to be away for the next five days, so I thought I’d leave you with this…

Tick Hotel

Thanks, but I think I'll keep driving...




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19 10 2010
1 10 2010

problems of adopting a second language and making it the national language… In Uganda, tick literally translates to, well, ok!

In Ugandan schools, especially Primary (equivalent of grade schools but restricted to ages 6-12yrs) school assignment books, a correct answer is marked with a “tick”… something that looks like a simplified version of the famous Nike swoosh logo.

funny, most Ugandans would also find our perception of tick hilarious

4 10 2010
Mark Jordahl

That’s part of what keeps it all fun!

9 09 2010

Ha! I know the place but also, have never yet been tempted to stop. There is also a Tick restaurant in Mutongo. Not sure which sounds worse!

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