Florida Church Promotes “Burn a Koran Day”

7 09 2010
Dove World Outreach Center

Image from Dove World Outreach Center

There is an evangelical Christian church in Florida that is planning to burn copies of the Koran to commemorate 9-11.  How stupid can you get?

I suppose they are trying to make a statement.  They are trying to let the world know that “hey, we are a bunch of bigoted, closed-minded buttheads, and we really want to escalate the amount of hatred and violence in the world.”

I am happy to see that the National Association of Evangelicals has spoken out against the planned demonstration, and even General Patraeus has asked the Dove World Outreach Center not to do it, as it is already making things harder for our troops in Afghanistan.

Come on, people, what do you really think you will gain from this action?  Is this going to lessen the possibility of future terrorist attacks?  Is it going to fix the damaged relationship between Islam and Christianity or between the Muslim world and the Western world?  Is it going to bring more people into the Christian fold?

The minister, Terry Jones, says of Islam “to me it looks like a religion of the devil.”  There is absolutely nothing positive that could ever come out of an action like burning the holy book of any religion.  And if you are not trying to do positive things in the world then maybe…just maybe…you are doing the Devil’s work yourself.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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9 09 2010
Cheryl F

Amen. This is the kind of behavior that has turned me away from organized religion of any kind. If only they could see that such action is actually just another form of the so-called “work of the devil,” which, to me, is simply to propagate hate in the world.

8 09 2010
Wendy F. Dymoke

Amen Mark! I had this very same themed blog brewing in my head for the past couple of days. You are so right. This divisive, close minded, ignorant and “My beliefs are superior!” crap is the exact behavior that makes me embarrassed at times to say I’m an American–because this is the garbage that makes world wide news. Along with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Pat Buchanan and the like. NOT ALL AMERICANS are backwards ignoramuses like this group.

My favorite bumper sticker is the one that spells out the word “COEXIST” using a myriad of the world’s religious symbols. It says it all.

Thanks for putting your thoughts out there!

The ironic part of all this to me is that I truly believe most if not all faiths are ALL worshiping the same God. They just have a different back story. If you analyze religions (a university course or open minded study I’m sure few of these right wing nut jobs have taken), the similarities between teachings, quotes, verses and beliefs are quite similar. It’s the extremists of the various faiths that distort them, take teachings meant as parables literally and create this “mine’s better than yours” counter productive divisiveness between them.

Until we can all (and I mean all) learn to value, respect and honor each other for our diversity and the beautiful collage that diversity creates, we’ll be destined to this cycle of hatred, terrorism and war. For the sake of the human race, the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, I hope that we can get there sooner than later!

8 09 2010
Burn A Koran Day

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8 09 2010
World Wide News Flash

Florida Church Promotes ?Burn a Koran Day? « Wild Thoughts from Uganda…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

8 09 2010

The Hindus believe in Karma, and my mother always said don’t say bad things or do bad deeds against another or it will come back to you three fold, I hope Rev Jones is prepared, evil is evil, even in the name of religion. He is not an American or believes in the Constitution, or else he would not be depriving Muslim Americans of their right of religious freedom. This is exactly why I do not subscribe to a church or a religion, it is hipocracy like this that keeps me away from religious nuts. He is has forgotton the cruel and evil things in history committed in the name of Christianity, like the Crusades and the KKK.

8 09 2010
Mark Jordahl

I couldn’t agree more!

7 09 2010
Tina Kling

I agree 100%. Hate only breeds more hate. My mom told me once when I was a kid that I should never “boo” the opposing team at a sporting event, that it shows bad sportsmanship. This might be comparing apples to oranges, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Yes, this is real life, not some game, but I think the sentiment is the same. Why provoke the opponant and give them more ammunition to fight against you. Someone has to be the better “team” and decide the vicious cycle of hate will stop.

I’m not Christian nor am I Islamic, but I am an open minded human being. I recognize that the concept of world peace is more than likely an imposibility. But I strongly believe that we don’t have the right to condemn others based on religious beliefs. One Islamic individual does not a terrorist make. Seriously people. I thought the human race had moved past that.

8 09 2010
Mark Jordahl

I think it is a great analogy. It does feel like everybody has abandoned the moral high ground and it is a race to the bottom of human potential. I like that you said “Someone has to be the better “team” and decide the vicious cycle of hate will stop.” Fighting hate with hate just doubles the amount of hate in the world.

Mark D. Jordahl Conservation Concepts 256 775 295 126 Blog: https://conserveuganda.wordpress.com Website: http://www.ConservationConcepts.net

“Give me a Wildness whose glance no civilization can endure.” – Henry David Thoreau

7 09 2010

the mind boggles when reading this … what biggots

7 09 2010
Mark Jordahl

Proud to be an American…ugh

Mark D. Jordahl Conservation Concepts 256 775 295 126 Blog: https://conserveuganda.wordpress.com Website: http://www.ConservationConcepts.net

“Give me a Wildness whose glance no civilization can endure.” – Henry David Thoreau

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