Really? Seriously?!?

2 06 2010

Uganda just signed an “oil co-operation pact” with Nigeria.  This is like asking China to help develop your human rights policy.  In my mind, the final nail is in the coffin of any hope that the new-found oil wealth here will be used for the benefit of the people of this country (well, actually, a few people will benefit a whole lot).

Nigeria is widely recognized as a model for how to do everything wrong in oil development.  Billions of dollars in revenues have been siphoned off by Nigeria’s leaders (perhaps $380 billion out of $400 billion earned since independence according to Wangari Maathai),  fisheries have been destroyed in the wetland areas where they extract the oil, and so much social unrest and inequality has been created that there are armed militias attacking the oil infrastructure.

Isn’t there somebody else, anybody else that Uganda could go to for guidance?  Please?

Further Reading:

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Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala




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