Skal Kampala donates to Haiti victims

4 02 2010

I couldn’t resist passing on this article.  It is a great show of generosity from Uganda, a country that  has plenty of its own challenges.

Feb 03, 2010

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that rocked and largely destroyed the Haitian capital and other towns, the Skal Club of Kampala (an international club of tourism industry professionals) donated US$1,000 to the Skal International Haiti appeal fund, supplemented by added donations from Skal members who also felt that they can give some extra funds towards this noble aim.

Meanwhile the Republic of Uganda also donated US$100,000 towards the UN’s emergency relief fund, and added donations are expected to come in over the next four weeks, as a public appeal was launched at the Kampala Serena Hotel to assist the victims of the massive quake.

Well done, Esther, for immediately proposing this at the hotel after reading the appeal, to Skal Kampala for responding at once and taking the lead, and to Uganda for the spirit of generosity once more shown to the less fortunate.

via Uganda And Community Join In Skal Kampala donates to Haiti victims –




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